Empower innovators. Inspire future generations. Build inclusive cultures.
Empower innovators. Inspire future generations. Build inclusive cultures.
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Hasp Consulting Individual + Team Coaching

What We Offer 

Individual + Team Coaching

    • 6-12 month packages priced at $7,000-$15,000 
    • Weekly 60-90 minute calls or virtual meetings 
    • Key Topics:
  • New leader development
  • Trust and safety in the workplace
  • Real time, on call support for immediate issues 
  • Role transition support 
  • Team leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Communication strategies and decision-making protocols
  • Managing complex teams
  • Equity initiatives 
  • Conflict navigation 
  • Performance management
  • Talent acquisition  
  • Competency-based interview architecture to include anti-bias training
  • Staffing model design and succession planning
  • Budget mapping and strategic planning 

    Included in Individual and Team Coaching Models: 

    • Access to shared resources following every call (e.g., case studies, articles, posts, books, tools) 
    • Research-based support for clients based on unique needs, contexts, and scenarios 
    • Weekly book reviews featuring key leadership and industry trends  
    • Weekday motivational communication via email or voice memo 
    • Facilitation of up to 3 team meetings or trainings (Adaptive Schools, Fierce Conversations, Emergenetics, implementation of equity frameworks, student achievement data review, etc.—unlimited support for leaders to design professional development sessions as a part of our coaching work with either on-site or virtual facilitation)

    Who We Are

    The Hasp team exists to inspire you to live simply, love generously, lead intentionally, and prosper purposefully. The clients we serve are individual executive-level leaders and senior leadership teams who are seeking to improve professional practice and amplify measurable impact on the stakeholders they serve. Individual and team coaching clients receive radically differentiated support based specifically on their needs, hopes, goals, and desired outcomes. At Hasp, we believe that every day is an opportunity to refine our professional identities and to demonstrate legacy leadership. Executive coaching—and the limitless support that comes with it—is an exponent to your most essential and sustainable work.

    Hasp Consulting Individual + Team Coaching

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