Empower innovators. Inspire future generations. Build inclusive cultures.
Empower innovators. Inspire future generations. Build inclusive cultures.
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Hasp Consulting Lead Unlocked Cohort Coaching Model

What We Offer

Cohort Coaching Model 

The Lead Unlocked cohorts of participants will meet together with Hasp leaders once each week over the course of the 7-week program. This collaborative model fosters new connections and creates opportunities to refine leadership practices through shared learning. The Lead Unlocked “Foundations of Leadership” cohort that launches in October features the following: 

    • 7-week program with the cost of $2,950 per person
    • Cohorts limited to a maximum of 25 participants 
    • Cohort meets virtually once weekly for 60-90 minutes
    • Program Framework: 
  • Building Blocks: Organizational Diagnosis 
  • Empowering Teams: Communication with Congruence and Coherence
  • Butterfly Effect: The Reverberating Impact of Decisions 
  • Fierce Conversations: Navigating Conflict with Purpose, Empathy, and Grace
  • Looking Forward: Talent Acquisition and Performance Management 
  • Getting Things Done: Personal Mastery + Time Agency
  • Lead Unlocked: Strategic Implementation Planning 
      • Participants will have access to 3 individual/small group coaching sessions during the program
      • Access to weekly recorded training and additional training webinars
      • Hasp-created e-book titled “Parking Lot Principles” (52 weeks of personal mastery tools) 
      • Facebook collaboration group to build community in the cohort
      • Weekly book/article/case study reviews for one year
      • Daily quotes/inspiration/guiding questions delivered via email for one year 
      • Ongoing access to curated new content for one year after program has ended
      • Evergreen access to information shared during the program

      Who We Are

      The Hasp team exists to inspire you to live simply, love generously, lead intentionally, and prosper purposefully. The clients we serve are individual executive-level leaders and senior leadership teams who are seeking to improve professional practice and amplify measurable impact on the stakeholders they serve. Individual and team coaching clients receive radically differentiated support based specifically on their needs, hopes, goals, and desired outcomes. At Hasp, we believe that every day is an opportunity to refine our professional identities and to demonstrate legacy leadership. Executive coaching—and the limitless support that comes with it—is an exponent to your most essential and sustainable work.

      Hasp Consulting Lead Unlocked Cohort Coaching Model

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